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Frequently Asked Questions



What is the difference between a dental surgeon and an oral surgeon?


A dentist is a dental surgeon is a general dentist.  All three terms mean exactly the same thing.  An oral surgeon is a specialist.  Usually the term ‘oral surgeon’ is an abbreviation of ‘oral and maxillofacial surgeon’, in the same way that the term ‘plastic surgeon’ is an abbreviation of ‘plastic and reconstructive surgeon’.



Why did my dentist refer me to you to have my tooth/teeth out, instead of doing it himself/herself?


They are difficult ones to remove for some reason.  Your dentist has your best interests at heart.



How much is the surgery going to cost?  Can you tell me before I see Mr Player?


Mr. Player quotes on an individual basis, depending upon the difficulty of the procedure to be carried out for a particular individual.  Therefore costs for a particular procedure may vary from person to person.  For example, removal of a wisdom tooth may be a quick procedure, or it may be half an hour of difficult surgery (or longer).  There is also the possibility of hospital and anaesthetist’s fees to consider (if general anaesthesia is required).  Out of pocket costs will depend upon the insurance cover you may have.  You will receive a detailed quote from Mr Player at the time of consultation and he will discuss your likely out of pocket costs with you.



Where will my surgery be carried out?


If you choose to undergo surgery under local anaesthesia, your surgery will very likely be carried out in Mr Player’s Launceston rooms.  If your surgery is to be carried out under general anaesthesia it will be done in either the private Calvary Hospital, Saint Vincent’s Campus, Launceston; or the North West Private Hospital, Burnie.  In rare instances surgery may need to be carried out at the Launceston General Hospital.



How long is a dental implant likely to last?


Dental implants, properly placed, have a very high success rate.  Mr Player has placed approximately a thousand implants over the past twenty years and is only aware of one failing to survive, so far.  The success rates reported in the worldwide literature are generally over 90% after ten years, and these include all operators.



Which anaesthetists do you work with?


In Launceston Mr Player most frequently works with Dr Gregg Best.  He also regularly works with Dr Andrew Wallis.  They share rooms and their phone number is 03 6331 5299.


In Burnie he works with Dr Peter Wright.  His phone number is 03 6432 1572.



How much does the post-operative review cost?


There is no cost to you for any post-operative review for six weeks after the surgery.  (Any fees will be bulk billed.)