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Your first visit


Your first visit will be for consultation only.  No surgery will be carried out at this visit.  Please ensure that you bring any referral note or letter (unless it has already been sent by the referring doctor or dentist).  Also bring any radiographs (‘xrays’) unless these have already been sent.  If you are under 18 years of age you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is able to give informed consent on your behalf.  If you are unable to easily remember all of the regular medications that you are taking please bring a list to give to Mr Player to keep for your file.  Should you require a map to find the Launceston rooms you can find one on the ‘Contact Details’ page.  The whole page can be printed out for your reference if necessary.  Short term parking can usually be found nearby in both Launceston and Burnie.


There are two forms, a ‘Patient Details’ form and a ‘Medical History’ form, both of which will need to be completed by yourself or your parent/guardian (if you are under 18 years of age) prior to the initial consultation.  Details of any private health insurance will be requested on the ‘Patient Details’ form.  The two forms can be printed out on A4 paper (two separate pages please).  They can be faxed to 03 6331 3833, or sent in the mail to the office to arrive several days in advance, or simply brought with you on the day of consultation.  Otherwise please arrive at least ten minutes early to allow time to collect the forms from the receptionist and complete them prior to seeing Mr Player.


The fee for a standard initial consultation is $120.  Payment on the day is expected, unless you are seen in Burnie, in which case an account will be sent to you.  You will receive a receipt and will be entitled to claim a rebate from Medicare of approximately $67 if you were referred by a doctor or dentist and you have a Medicare card.  An additional fee may apply for extended consultations.   (Extended consultations usually relate to complex facial pain conditions.)


Sometimes it will be necessary to attend for subsequent consultation(s).  These attract a fee of $60 for a standard subsequent consultation.  The Medicare rebate is approximately $37.  An additional fee may apply for extended consultations.


At the time of (final) consultation, should you elect to proceed with surgery, Mr Player will provide you with an itemised quote for all costs associated with any proposed surgery.  He will also discuss the quote with you and give you an indication of the likely out of pocket costs.





In selected cases, patients who would otherwise have to travel a considerable distance may be able to have their consultation(s) over the phone, or using ‘Skype’.  Mr Player’s ‘Skype’ name is danielcplayer.  Please note that the above fees for consultation(s) still apply but no item number(s) can be allocated, and hence no rebate can be claimed for these consultation(s).